People have been telling me for the past twenty years that I should write a book. I have ideas and content for several books churning in my brain. This blog is where I will work on all of them together. Sometimes they will intertwine, because things are connected.

The first book is autobiography or more likely memoir. The blog category is “If You Can Read …“. My mom was a great cook. When anyone would compliment her cooking, especially one of her new, more adventurous dishes, she would reply, “If you can read, you can cook.” Both of my parents taught the four of us kids that if we could read, we could do just about anything we set our minds to. They taught us that each of us is ultimately responsible for one’s own education. I took this to heart. Through the years, I have had many different jobs and have attempted many different do-it-yourself projects and crafts.

The second book is the one that is a particularly hot topic right now. It is all about being “Green“. The topics will be pretty far ranging. I will write stories on environmental issues from greening your house to global warming. I will try to stay abreast of the developing cool technologies and designs involving solar power. But my approach to the subject is a little different that most of what I have seen. I don’t endorse or deny the global warming science. It is beyond me and I am not very well motivated by fear of theoretical cataclysm. My approach is that it is bad economics to spend capital (oil) as if it were income. It is morally good to live sustainably and improve the environment. This goes back to what I learned in Girl Scouts: “Always leave a place better than what you found it.”

The third book is about being truly pro-life. In my over 30 years of serving homeless, inmates, ex-offenders and the mentally ill, my life has been enriched by these encounters. I set out to save them. I quickly learned t was the one who was to be ‘saved’ by these shining diamonds and rubies and emeralds and sapphires in the rough, with their heartbreaking humanness. How could I help but love them? How could society throw them away like this? If we truly value life, we will put our money where our mouth is and make sure that every person has a shot at life and is welcome in the world. I want to share stories of some of my friends whom society so easily throw away. They are just like our children. They just happen to be “Other People’s Children“. I published a first volume of this one with 18 of my original paintings. This is available for sale at Blurb.com or on my website: www.shoutforjoy.net

I have four daughters and very little, make that no money. When two of them decided to get married exactly three months apart, several years ago, we had to be creative to send them on their way with memorable celebrations without breaking the bank. This wasn’t the first time we were involved in this. Our own wedding was a budget affair with over 300 guests. Plus we had assisted several others with their weddings and receptions. I have always wanted to put together a handbook of how to throw a great wedding on next to nothing, with options for enhancements without being fiscally irresponsible. These weddings have always been our favorites, much more enjoyable than those $50 per plate, professionally produced affairs we have been to. So the fourth book is on Weddings.

There is a book that I have already written and that is all about the icons of Saints at our church. This led to me start “Come and See” Icons, Books & Art. So there will be stories of Saints interspersed in the blog entries, as well.

The book that probably has consumed more of my thought life than all of the rest is the one about economic justice or Jubilee. I started and still lead a ministry called The King’s Jubilee based on this view of economic justice and belief in second chances. We have had many battles through the years, because most Americans are Americans first and Christians way down the line. Lately, it has gotten really disgusting, with even clergy promoting violent overthrow of the government, secession, doing away with all public aid to the poor. Nasty, mean stuff. People who call themselves Christian repeating heretical slogans like “Taxes are theft” when God instituted taxes in Mosaic Law and Jesus commanded us to pay them.

I have started writing my memoir. The working title is Rich White Baby Boomer. You can subscribe to this blog to get the ‘chapters’ emailed to you as they are written or like my author page on Facebook: Cranford J. Coulter to see them as soon as they are posted.

More ideas will come. More categories will be added. I hope you enjoy it. Peace.

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