My Recent and Current Illness

Several people have told me I should write about my recent illness with the twists and turns it has taken. I will try not to make it read like one of those old folks talking endlessly about their sciatica or irregularity. It will not be written in chronological order, but memories and vignettes will be posted as if they were written on the day they happened. When I am done it will be able to be read in sequence from October 3 to the present and beyond, God willing.

The story has many angels and a few demons. There are many blessings and a few lessons to be learned along the way. A central character in the story is Grand View Hospital, Sellersville, PA; a place I found to be staffed with people of integrity, compassion and skill. A good friend asked me on Sunday, during coffee hour, “Did it do you any good?” I answered him that I was doing a good bit better to be out of the hospital. He said, “No. Are you better? It would be a shame to go through hell and back and not to have anything to show for it; to not be improved by it.” I began to weep and said, “Yes. There were many blessings.”

You may choose to keep checking back to see what new articles I have written or wait a few weeks and read them at once, in order. Feedback, comments and questions are always welcome. Thank you.

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